origami by Issey Miyake

Origami is the art or process, originating in Japan, of folding paper into shapes representing flowers and birds, for example. It means to think about geometry and specially art & craft. On each project of NajaAtelier, Origami takes a big place for inspiration. This is why we really want to write something about this  designer we met before and we adore.mister Issey Miake

Just because fashion is not always the most rigorously intellectual of the creative arts does not mean that it is devoid of any cerebral content whatsoever. There are designers who look more rigorously at the question of creativity than their fellows, so many of whom primarily equate success with sales figures. One of the more visionary is Issey Miyake  who, in a long career, has never been content to accept a formulaic, variations-on-a-theme approach to his craft.



Inspired by origami, the Japanese fashion designer has developed a clothing line utilizing revolutionary recycled material (fibers) entitled ”132 5. Issey Miyake”, where the garments are designed to expand from two-dimensional geometric shapes into structured shirts, skirts, pants and dresses.



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